Carli's 7 Things Newsletter: June 2023

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Carli's 7 Things

1.  I have grey hair. 

I started going grey in my early 20s. After having Zoe Tegan my few grey hairs turned into many more. Then after having Ollie and going through the postpartum won’t-stop-coating-the-shower-walls because it’s coming out in clumps phase, I was left basically a silver fox. 

My husband Sholom Ber thinks it makes me look like a Liberal Arts Professor. 

If you also have the whole salt and pepper thing going on and need a good purple shampoo, I really like Dae’s Violet Hour. It smells delish and I really like how it makes my hair feel. 


2.  Let’s talk about Push Presents. 

I love this concept so much!

For some reason I missed the memo with my kids but now that I know about it I want to scream it from the elevator banks in every labor and delivery ward across America.

When I think about just a few of the things that women go through in the months of pregnancy, I’d say we deserve a present - or two, or five, or maybe just ONE-BIG-WHOPPER of a present. 


Let's start at the beginning, shall we? 

Sore boobs


Food aversions 

Morning sickness


Further along you get...

Ridiculous food cravings

Even more sore and now even bigger boobs


Sleepless nights

Restless leg syndrome

Heartburn. Heartburn. Heartburn.




and we'll end this list that could go on forever with the... Ring Of Fire. 

and then... When the show is over and you’ve been probed and prodded and have delivered your little chicken but what felt like giving birth to a hippo, your darling baby comes out looking like Dad.

I’d say Mom deserves a present, A-BIG-WHOPPER of a present too. #justsaying 


3.  Like most normal people, the majority of my waking hours are spent thinking about food, so I was over the moon when I received so many pictures of you all eating the snack concoction from my first newsletter.

Not only did your pics make me SO HAPPY they also made me so hungry, then I got thirsty, I was craving a matcha, it was a whole thing.

If you like matcha, I’m sorry and you’re welcome. Did you know Starbucks makes Matcha Frappacinos!?!?

I don’t even know how to put into words how ridiculously delicious they are. So cold. So good. Go get one!

Starbucks matcha drink


4.  Summer is here! So are my chaffing thighs! 

Pregnant chaffing... postpartum chaffing... just cruel and absolutely unacceptable. 

Enter the greatest product ever created for the sanity of every pair of rubbing thighs: 


During the warmer months you can find a stick of this magical creation in every bag I own. If you see me and you’ve forgotten yours, don't worry, I got you!

megababe thigh rescue review


5.  The Hot Dog print that has sold out 3 times and is quickly on its way to the 4th sell out. 

When I met my husband Sholom Ber 12 years ago, he was already drawing this adorable dachshund. Long before Tegan & Ollie was even an idea, actually long before Ollie was even born, Sholom Ber had it printed onto some t-shirts for Zoe Tegan to wear.

tegan and ollie dachshund dog print baby and kids pajamas, bamboo pajamas

How awesome is it, that now she is wearing it on her PJs every night!?!?

It was the first print we had sampled for T&O and it is SO COOL to see how beloved this little dog has become and how far across the globe its traveled. From all over the US to Europe to Australia to Brazil it is adored world wide and it’s so exciting to watch its fan base grow. 

If you’ve felt our jammies then you know how creamy soft and deliciously snuggly our bamboo fabric is. If you haven’t yet, I highly recommend grabbing this little dog as your first and do it soon before it's sold out again.

brown dachshund pajamas, weinder dog pajamas, baby pajamas, kids pajamas, bamboo onesies, bamboo footie pajamas


6.  In my first newsletter I explained how I rate books in terms of junk. This months book recommendation isn’t junk per se, but it’s also not going to win a Pulitzer if you know what I mean.


It is however, being turned into a movie and Anne Hathaway is playing the lead. So, you know… if it’s good enough for Andy Sachs it’s good enough for me  (fyi: that’s a Devil Wears Prada reference😉


The Idea of You by Robinne Lee is in short and without giving away anything because I absolutely loved the book and am jealous that you get to read it for the first time, loosely based on the idea of a 40 year old woman falling in love with the "Harry Styles" of a boy band.


When you get to the end and you wish the story continued… email me back and let’s talk about it.  

P.S. link is to my favorite local independent book store here in San Diego.

the idea of you book by Robinne Lee



7.  If you know me well, you know 2 things about me.


One:  I live and die for Anthropologie. A top goal of mine is for them to carry our Tegan and Ollie PJ line. Manifesting, manifesting, manifesting! 🤞

Two:  I love a good romper, jumpsuit, coverall, one piece whatever you want to call them. I’m OBSESSED with this one.  It looks so comfy and like the kind of outfit that would look good on anyone and could be worn while you're pregnant too. Bonus points that it has a hood and its on sale! 

Also, even though its sort of a plain staple, pair it with some cute sneakers (like the chucks I recommended last month) add a cute hat or some earrings and you've got yourself a very cool look. 

womens jumper, womens romper, womens one piece outfit, cool outfit for women, cool outfit for pregnant women



Have a fabulous rest of your month! 

Where are you going on vacation this summer? Eating anything new I need to be eating too? Doing any cool kids activities worth sharing?

Comment or Email, tell me, tell me, tell me! 



Carli ⭐️

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