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You may know him as @sbsolly, the California Instagram father of two who became famous for taking family photos to the next level. Four years after his first viral photo shoot with a baby, a snorkel, and some laundry detergent in a bath tub, Sholom Ber Solomon is letting other parents experience his hilariously fun world. This time, the self described 'silliness enthusiast' is tapping into his inner cartoonist, unveiling a baby clothing line unlike any other.  

From a single-toothed dino to a row of marching elephants, Tegan & Ollie aims to make you laugh even at 3am when you're doing the dreaded diaper dance. Because as Solomon told in 2017, “Everyone is either a parent or child and can appreciate the love therein.” And that’s why inspiration for the brand was obvious: his own daughters Zoe Tegan and Olivia Riley aka ‘Ollie.” 


His darling wife Carli also plays a big role.  As People magazine quoted her, “he constantly has me in stitches… it’s fun for people to share in our little family’s joy.” And now quite literally, he is bringing those stitches to his community of sleep-deprived parents everywhere.


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It was so great to meet you today at hillcrest farmers market. Your website is hysterical. I have signed up for your emails. If you are in any markets in town let me know. You are now my favorite stop for my first grandchild. 🥰

Jeannie Lancaster

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