20 Must Have Essentials For Your Newborn's Closet

Congratulations! You are pregnant, you are excited and you are in nesting mode! 

You’re deep cleaning the room that will become the nursery, building the crib, setting up the stuffed animals… and all thats left to do is fill the closet. Here is an easy breakdown of the only 20 essential clothing items you need to stock up on before your bundle of joy arrives.



New borns are messy, its just a fact. It’s actually amazing how messy an eight pound immobile little bundle can be, but they spit up a lot so you need back-up clothes. We recommend having at least 7 onesies so you have a minimum of one per day and so that you don’t have to do the laundry every. single. day. So 7 onesies and you have enough to do the washing every couple days. Done.


Next on the list: our ‘Go To' Newborn Gowns. They are functional yet adorable, and made purely out of necessity. The tie-knot feature makes it easy to change the diaper and tuck everything right back in. Because finding the right foot and arm into the correct sleeve with one eye open is just too much to deal with in the middle of the night! And in case your little one set off a bomb, the envelope neck makes it easy to pull the whole garment off their shoulders and the job is done. We recommend having at least 4 for the first couple months.


Thirdly, the one baby product you can’t live… or sleep without: swaddle blankets. They’re made to make baby feel like they’re at home… in the womb. We’re in love with the Tegan & Ollie ‘Extra Large Snoozy’ Swaddle Blankets because of their generous size and incredible soft stretch. When folded, place baby in center with head above the crease and evenly wrap one side at a time while stretching the fabric in place keep your baby snug and supported like a burrito. Our Swaddle Blankets are also multi functional; useful as a cover for a changing pad, a floor play blanket, a nursing cover and the list goes on. We have a ten month old and still don’t leave home without it. We like to have four in the Swaddle Blanket stash just in case, to make sure there’s enough to go around. Get it!? 


Now to the hands… and our oh so Handy Mittens. In the first few months of life, it’s very  important to keep your new babe’s little hands warm during both the day and the night. Newborns don’t have enough body fat so putting on just a thin layer keeps them snug and protected. Mittens also help keep their beautiful fresh faces clear of any ouches that may happen. Trying to cut newborn nails is a task only for the brave. (my aunt used to just bite them off! can you imagine!?) Needless to say, mittens are essential! And because mittens like socks get lost… we like to keep three on hand. Pun intended again!


Last but not least… we’re taking it back to the top… the ‘Top Knot’ that is, to baby’s very first hat. Regardless of where you live and the weather, baby’s head should always stay warm to make sure the baby’s body heat isn’t escaping! You know what it’s like walking out of your warm house on a cold evening. Now imagine a newborn baby coming out of the warm womb into the cold fresh air. It can be very chilly, especially in the first few weeks of life. We recommend having at least 2 hats to keep them cozy. If you live in colder climates or if your home tends to be cooler at night then you may want to stock up on a few more! 

Essentials Shopping List
2 Hats ( or more depending on where you live)



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