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About Us

Tegan and Ollie was born when necessity met personality. 

A lifelong cartoonist and artist, Sholom Ber Solomon loved to create all forms of fun and imaginative content. In 2017 Sholom became globally viral for his incredibly adorable and fun loving, unique photos with his little newborn daughter, Zoe. He amassed a tremendous following and was featured in every form of media publication from CNN to the printed pages of People Magazine and even starring in a Kelloggs cereal commercial. Sholom wanted to expand and continue in that vein by combining his natural cartooning skills with his colorful personality; embarking on creating a children’s clothing product that would allow for the end consumer to experience a world of fun, whimsical and imaginative designs. 

Enter Lemor Abrams Kosov, an Emmy-Award winning television news reporter and journalist, top of her field and revered in her industry. After giving birth to her second son Johnny, Lemor was frustrated with the current baby apparel options with its basic feel and limited functionality. With the strong-willed mentality of “if you want something done you do it yourself,” Lemor had the innovative idea of using all her investigative journalistic and networking skills to source the softest most sensitive fabric and bring it to market. With her classic tenacious drive, Lemor was eager to set out and find a breathable fabric that was hypoallergenic, creamy and luxurious as well as soft on sensitive skin. Conscience not only of the material benefits, Lemor also strived to find a sustainable eco-friendly product that would be as good for “us” as it would be for “you”. 

Independent of each other, both Sholom and Lemor had a vision to create a special and superior line of baby garments. It was inevitable that when their paths crossed and they discussed their visions to create a completely different type of baby clothing product, it would be a serendipitous and destined partnership. The combination of colorful and imaginatively whimsical designs blended with the need to source the softest- most sensitive and high quality material, was the moment Tegan and Ollie was born.

The initial partnership was complete with Sholom Ber’s wife Carli Solomon . After graduating from FIDM, Carli spent years in the New York and Los Angeles fashion sphere, both in the wholesale and retail sectors. It was a no brainer that Carli would be integral at running the managerial side of this operation and be the central driving force to this one-of -a-kind enterprise. With her limitless knowledge of what’s in-vogue, its manufacturing processes 
as well as its social media components, Carli’s multidimensional skillset was key and fundamental in launching Tegan and Ollie…and ultimately naming the company after Carli and Sholom Ber’s two girls Zoe Tegan and Olivia Aka Ollie. 

It is each of their individual life paths that led to the very personal origin story of Tegan and Ollie. It is these combined dreams to create a unique and special world of baby clothes that motivates the company’s mission in every aspect of the apparel universe and in every day operations. Tegan and Ollie’s goal is to have parents and their children be enveloped and engaged in a totally unique experience when it comes to baby clothing. *Experience* a sense of lighthearted wonderment and an escape into a world of colorful and joyful imagination. *Experience* fabric with such creamy softness of touch that it soothes and matches the sensitivity of your delicate baby. Ultimately our objective is for our customers to *Experience* a community where we care not just for giving back to it and it’s environment but to share in a brighter and more enjoyable world where you can literally… “Feel The Joy.”

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