4 Tips For New Moms I Wish I Was Told



Becoming a parent is without a doubt one of, if not the most, exhilarating times in any woman’s life. But without sugarcoating it, the first few months with a newborn can also feel quite daunting. You’ve just had this beautiful little nugget who smells so good but now that you’ve brought your baby home and the nurses are no longer a push button away… you’re on your own. Learning how to navigate the unfamiliar will keep mom feeling better and baby, happier. So as in life, the first step in your guide to new motherhood begins with… the breath. 


#1. Breathing with your newborn 


From changing a dirty diaper to getting little one fed and re-swaddled to perfection, your new nighttime routine can feel a little overwhelming. And with so many new duties to check off that sleep deprived mind, it’s easy to forget the importance of your breath when it comes to soothing your crying baby in the middle of the night. Everyone teaches and you read all about the many breathing techniques for labor but no one talks about how helpful it is to actually breathe with your baby. In my experience, newborn babies feed off mom’s energy. If you are tense, that is what the baby feels. So I tried the opposite. I began to breathe long, deep, slow breaths one after the other while holding my baby tight so my little one would match my breathing pattern. In doing so, I immediately felt my own energy relax. That state of ease is contagious for baby! And in the process,  it’s important to make sure baby feels safe even when out of your arms. One of the easiest ways to achieve this is with super soft and snug clothing. For the first few months of life, we recommend trying out Tegan & Ollie’s ‘Do Not Disturb’ Newborn Sleep Set , which contain all the must-haves to keep baby feeling hugged and safe including our functional bamboo ‘Go To’ Newborn Gown with a tie knot at the bottom. No one wants to fumble with tricky buttons at 3 a.m. so a quick knot can make these groggy changes much more efficient. 


#2. How to make sure baby is cozy and comfortable 


If your little one is fed and changed but still acting upset, they may be uncomfortable. If you’re worried they’re too hot or cold, experts recommend looking for physical indicators such as sweating, rash, wet hair, and red cheeks. When in doubt, feel the skin on your baby’s neck, tummy, or chest. Tegan & Ollie only uses thermoregulating bamboo to help keep baby cool in summer and warm in winter. Learn more about bamboo here. Once baby is back in bed, we know mom… #3 awaits.


#3. Pumping at night with an ice cooler by your bedside


Remember when going to the bathroom in the middle of the night was your biggest worry? Now couple that with a different type of let down. For many of us, nighttime pumping may be downright dreadful. And part of it can be attributed to the clean up. But rather than walk to the sink and fridge each time, it may be easier to place an ice filled cooler next to your bed so you can plop in your milk along with your pumping gadgets. Because they’re cold you’ll be able to reuse them for yet another pumping session. But by then, there’s a chance you’ll be up again… and if it’s for what we’re thinking… we can assure you it won’t be as cold as your cooler… which brings us to #4.


#4. What no one tells you about diaper explosions


Doesn’t matter how many times you’ve made sure to fasten it correctly… at some point moms, we’re all bound for a bountiful diaper explosion. You know, when your baby has pooped through the diaper, through the onesie, through the swaddle, through the blanket and onto the sheets… that kind of explosion. No matter how delicious your little one is, “that” certainly isn’t. If only your diaper had more space to hold it all? Easy … get those baby rolls in the next size diaper. You may be tempted to stay in the size labeled by pounds, but giving your little one some extra wiggle room will help you avoid the next big mess.


If you have any questions or just need another mom to chat with, we’re here for you! Feel free to DM us on Instagram. We’re always on! 

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