Carli's 7 Things Newsletter: July 2023

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Carli's 7 Things


1. Hot Mom Summer

I wish when I was younger I knew that one day I’d look at photos of my knee caps that I hated back then and told my younger self to SHUT UP. 

Now, my wrinkled knee caps look middle aged and Im not even paying attention to them because my Wobbly Mom Skin is all over and it is here to PLAY.

 I earned my Wobbly Mom Skin and so did you. 

I earned every line and stretch mark. I carried and delivered babies. I fed them with my body. (Im assuming in some shape or form, you did too.)

Now, Im so proud of my Wobbly Mom Skin Super Bod because it literally made 2 miracles.  Who won’t stop yelling MOM! and asking for snacks.

Wear the bathing suit (I know it’s black) and rock out with your cottage cheesy dimples out.



2. Current obsession: Our Pink and Green striped packaging. 

It’s just so cool. 

It looks like candy and I love it so much! 

Do you know that every single order that leaves our warehouse is beautifully packaged? 

We make sure that if you are gifting PJs or buying them for your own kids that everyone gets to open a super fun present. 

When I see our packaging on gift tables at baby showers and birthday parties I get such a thrill with how it stands out. I’ve overheard people saying, “Wow! Where did you get that?” and that excites me to no end. I secretly do a little air pump while feeling extra dorky and extra proud of what we are creating. 

If you are heading to a baby shower this summer grab a Newborn Set or if you have bigger kids in your life a Onesie or Two-Piece Set

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3. I often get asked what are the best ways to support a partner through pregnancy. 

There are a million and one answers to that and I think it depends on the person and also what your true love language is but I can give you an example of unusual support that definitely made me feel seen, loved and taken care of.  

You know those first few months of your first pregnancy where you constantly look down at your belly and convince yourself you’re showing *a little*  Ha! 

You’ve probably just eaten like a pig because supposedly you’re eating for two now even though you’re only eight and half weeks along. 

I only truly started showing around the 22nd week and once I popped my Linea Negra showed up too. Now, I think it’s beautiful and a remarkable part of pregnancy.  With my first, Zoe Tegan, I thought it was the worst thing that had ever happened to me. It made me feel so unattractive. 

Enter my hilarious husband Sholom Ber and a sharpie. Talk about love language! 

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4. Binge watching: Ted Lasso

Are you nursing or bottle feeding a baby at the moment? Watch Ted Lasso. 

Are you sneaking into the bathroom for some alone time away from your toddler to take a beat? Watch Ted Lasso.

Do you have big kids and get to stay up late because they sleep through the night so you can do whatever you want? (#goals) Watch Ted Lasso.

Are you a grandparent and love your grandkids but the best part about them, is they go home and you get to go to bed in peace and quiet and watch TV on an actual TV and not on your phone with AirPods in, so you don’t wake your children or snoring partner next to you? Watch Ted Lasso. 

In conclusion, I think what I’m trying to say is that you should watch Ted Lasso. It is the most feel good show I’ve ever seen and I can’t say enough wonderful things about it! 

If you already have, please email me back and let me know how you felt about how they left off Keeleys' character in the series finale. 



5. What's on my face: Snail Mucin.

 If you’ve been on the internet in the last 12 months, you’ve probably seen this bottle of Snail Mucin. What is Snail Mucin you ask? Well, it’s exactly what you think it is, yuck! However, this little bottle of potion works like MAGIC!

If I even look at chocolate, I get a zit. 

A burger and fries, in a matter of days I end up looking like a prepubescent teenage boy. 

I’m 38, when will it ever end!? Soon I’m going to be having hot flashes while wearing zit patches, my body needs to get with the program. 😂

 Anyways, of all the skin products I’ve tried, Snail Mucin seems to be the only one that works. I mean truly works. My skin looks clear. If I do get a zit from eating something my skin dubs unacceptable, it goes away quickly and without leaving a mark in its wake.

So if you too feel some days like hiding your face in your high school locker because you’ve got a pimple the size of a UFO and you’ve nicknamed it Marvin, give this snail goo a try.

 snail mucin



6. I love to eat good plastic.

 Of the candy variety I mean.

For instance, this month, my recent can’t stop buying them even though I should, holy sugar rush, every dentists worst nightmare, I can’t get enough, even unwrapping each individual piece excites me, MAMBA! 

I shouldn’t introduce you to them but if I’m going to eat them then so should you because sharing is caring. Sorry not sorry. 



7. This past month we went to the Nickelodeon Resort in the Dominican Republic.  

From the rooms, to the pool we had on our balcony, to the the stunning beach, it was an incredible time. The staff couldn’t have been nicer and the hotel as a whole is really beautiful. Our girls went absolutely mental, when they saw the SpongeBob Pineapple Suite. 

nickoledeon resort dominican republic 

We had amazing meals with buffets set up in the theme of each character. From SpongeBob to Dora to Chase who always seems to be on the case, I noticed something pretty cool in relation to our daughters ages of 6 and 4. The magic was real. They are still young enough, where they truly believed that "The Paw Patrol" was standing in front of them. They are in the perfect sweet spot and to see the wonder in their eyes was really special and something I'll never forget. 

On a personal note- my inner 12 year old didn’t stop jumping up and down! We got slimed! SLIMED! Be still my 90s beating heart, it was just pure JOY! 

If you are searching for a family fun resort with endless things to do, I highly recommend a visit.


How has your summer been so far? Done anything amazing? Been anywhere you definitely want to go again? Tell me all the things!




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