Soothing Baby Clothes For Sensitive Skin

Sleep deprivation can be a dizzying time, both for new parents and babies. Lack of sleep can be especially difficult when it begins to add up and interfere with a parent’s ability to be focused and present. Did you know that nearly half of all US parents with children six months or younger only get between one to three hours of uninterrupted sleep a night? Is this you? We’re here to help! With the simplest, most magical solution... comfort.


Better sleep and baby clothes- how are they related you ask? 


Babies, just like adults, sleep longer when they are snug and warm. So it is important to know how to achieve max coziness that checks all the boxes for comfort, safety, and convenience. Experts in the field have found that the natural properties in bamboo fabric makes it one of the most luxurious and practical choices for babies for several reasons. 


Bamboo fabric is ultra soft, breathable, and hypoallergenic. Before it’s spun into fabric, the plant never requires pesticides, fertilizers or any other harmful chemicals. This natural, chemical-free processing makes for an extremely gentle fabric that is kind on sensitive skin, especially babies with eczema. We also love that it’s highly absorbent, and thermoregulating to leave your baby feeling cool when its hot out and warm in cooler temperatures. Tegan & Ollie’s baby clothes takes this lovely fabric to the next level with functional features that allow for convenient and soothing nights with baby. 


We love Tegan & Ollie’s 'Go To' Newborn Gown for the first few weeks of life, because it’s tie knot makes for super quick diaper changes. And in case of a diaper explosion, the envelope neck lets you pull down the entire garment. The lightweight fabric is also great for wearing under our super snug, ‘Extra Large Snoozy’ Swaddle Blanket. On a cooler night, try layering with our fuss free ‘Funsie’ Onesies, featuring two- way zippers so you can easily change diaper from the bottom, without removing entire garment! You’re welcome!


The first few months with your baby may be the most beautiful yet exhausting of your life. Making the most of those nighttime duties before they pass you by… that’s the key. By the time you eventually get it down to a science, we hope Tegan & Ollie’s signature designs can bring a smile to your face and remind you to cherish this incredible journey.

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