Tegan and Ollie Pajamas: The Design Process

I've received a lot of questions lately, about what the process of designing our pajamas is like. What kind of work goes into creating these
soft adorable PJS that you and your kids love.
So today, I thought I’d give you a little behind the scenes look
into how all the magic happens.
First Sholom Ber, aka @sbsolly comes up with a fun idea.
tegan and ollie designer sbsolly sholom ber solomon
He then sketches it all out by hand. ( I cant even draw a straight stick figure 😂)
Once he has perfected the design, it gets uploaded into a digital file
and he makes sure all the colors are placed correctly.
tegan and ollie pajamas dachshund dog
From there we send the design off and request a sample from our wonderful manufacturers. You can see from the digital file to the fabric that it looks a little different, so we need to make sure that the colors and design sizing all look good.
rubber duck baby onesie
Then, we all get excited because it's photoshoot time. We love getting to work with young families in the San Diego area. (If you would like to join us, please reach out!)  We have some kids who’ve been with us from just a few weeks old and are now walking and talking. Its just the BEST!
Once all the inventory arrives, each item goes through quality control, we organize everything by size and get all the images and item count ready to list the styles for sale. 
Then the exciting part comes! DROP DAY! We make the pajamas live and hustle to get everything shipped out to you, so we can enjoy the best part of it all...
Receiving pictures of your kids wearing Tegan and Ollie original designs and snuggling in their super soft PJS!
It takes time, from the beginning phase of design until shipping off your orders, but we LOVE IT and we love that we make pajamas so that you can FEEL THE JOY!
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